-49% 1+1 Hair+ Velvet Nutri-injection Shampoo 蛋白質護髮洗髮露 50ml (買1送1)

1+1 Hair+ Velvet Nutri-injection Shampoo 蛋白質護髮洗髮露 50ml (買1送1)

品 牌︰ Hair+
型 號︰ 3009
積 分︰ 1
庫存狀態︰ 有庫存
HK$98 HK$50 可使用積分︰ 98
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Hair+'s Velvet Nutri-Injection Shampoo recovers severely damaged hair to it's soft, sleek and shiny condition(balance) in dramatically short period. It contains 3 silk ingredients & 8 different proteins, vegitable surfactant that provides comfortable hair management with less stimulus.
Hair+'s Velvet Nutri-Injection Shampoo has been a milion seller in Korea's Home shopping and social sales channels since it was introduced.
At first, the item looks like an elastic loaf,  and when shampooing, it provides  rich cream bubbles,  and after shampooing protect your hair with soft silk coating. No Silicon /No SLS/ No Surfactant! When man's skin and hair are ph5.5 subacid, their condition is the best. Acid shampoo is effective for rough, dry and droopy hair which is alkalinized by perm and dyeing. ISO certification! It is produced in the safe and certified manufacturing system.

重量: 50ml
Hydrolized Collagen, Elastin, Keratin, Soy, Wheat, Rice Proteins


Hair+ Velvet Nutri-injection Shampoo



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