Abib Relaxing Sleeping Pack Bright Tube 美白水嫩睡眠面膜

Abib Relaxing Sleeping Pack Bright Tube 美白水嫩睡眠面膜

型 號︰ 59002
積 分︰ 3
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HK$188 可使用積分︰ 188
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• 產品介紹
Every morning, it is a bright tube that gives a clear radiant skin. Add light to your skin without stickiness before you fall asleep!
- Minimization of the particles minimizes stickiness so that there is no discomfort when you are sleeping.
- Contains strong patented ingredients that can inhibit melanin production, which is the main cause of skin pigmentation, at an early stage.
- Protects the vitality of the cell, 24-hour moisturizing effect lasts.

• 重量

• 主要成份

• 使用方法
After evening cleansing, apply a slip mask to your skin that has been through a rough day and then make a good dream with a good night's sleep.
It is a night-care product, but we recommend that you use it while finishing the day regardless of day and night rhythm.

Abib Relaxing Sleeping Pack



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